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Arhatic Yoga®

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What is Arhatic Yoga®?

Arhatic Yoga® is a comprehensive system of spiritual practices that anyone can follow on a regular basis to rapidly and safely accelerate spiritual evolution and union with their Divine Nature.

Arhatic Yoga® was given by a very advanced Teacher, Bodhisattva Mei Ling, to Master Choa Kok Sui to help humanity achieve an empowered, safe and accelerated spiritual life in the shortest time possible.

First, the role of the Facilitator or Teacher in the life of the spiritual practitioner is explained and clarified in detail, minus the unproven traditions and superstitions.

Then extensive purifications of the physical, etheric, emotional and mental vehicles are meticulously practiced to prepare the body for the inflow of Divine Energies. This step is critical. As the Bible says, one should not pour new wine (Soul Force) into old wine skins (unprepared and impure bodies). This involves specialized breathing techniques and simple and easy to follow exercises to quickly purify the physical and etheric bodies (This does not involve the traditional practices that require agility and strength like Hatha Yoga).

Secret meditational practices follow to gradually purge ancient seeds (negative thought patterns, pent up emotions and tendencies from past and present lives) lodged in the chakras. This also cleanses the chakras, meridians, astral body and mental body.

Concurrently, powerful meditations are introduced to the students to accelerate the communication of the bodies with one's Higher Soul. The Higher Soul provides the precious energy to safely awaken and simultaneously regulate the Sacred Fire or Kundalini Energy. This method ensures a safe and gradual awakening of the Sacred Fire, thereby minimizing the symptoms of Kundalini Syndrome like overheating of the body; hallucinations; "spaciness"; uncontrollable body shakes after spiritual practices; uncontrolled anger; medical illnesses that cannot be diagnosed, unexplained bad luck and others. For the ones who are already experiencing Kundalini Syndrome, Master Choa gives step by step remedies never before divulged to the general public.

Higher levels of practice are then systematically divulged to further activate the chakras, meridians and bincrease the flow of Kundalini Energy and Soul Force. Secrets of developing the Golden Body or Golden Aura and other Higher Bodies will also be shared.

How do I know if I am ready for Arhatic Yoga®?

If you are relatively healthy and can follow simple routine instructions, Master Choa Kok Sui will take you by the hand and help you accelerate your spiritual growth in a few years that would normally take 30-50 years with other spiritual practices.

Which class should I take?

Both Arhatic Yoga® and Higher Clairvoyance® complement each other. All of Master Choa's classes work together to empower the overall spiritual experience.


Higher Clairvoyance®

Class Description

How can I use Higher Clairvoyance® in my everyday life?

With continued practice, your ability to see auras can be utilized to help you when performing healing sessions. Heightened sensitivity and intuition allows you to tune into subtle impulses that could help you better read other people's real intentions (in both personal and professional life).

How do I know that I will be able to see clairvoyantly?

About 90% of the participants are able to see auras and subtle energies during class time. The remainder of the students are then helped to see by specialized techniques at the latter part of the class by Master Choa Kok Sui.

What is the process involved in Higher Clairvoyance®?

Master Choa Kok Sui first divulges the secrets and mechanisms involved in seeing subtle energies. He then teaches simple to follow techniques to model the chakras and energetic conditions of high level clairvoyants. The students are also given specialized exercises to sensitize the brain cells to register very subtle impulses like the emanations of the aura, chakras and movements of the etheric currents in the energy world.

To further accelerate the development of the students, Master Choa Kok Sui imparts a High Frequency Energy Emanation (SHAKTIPAT) to quickly increase the frequency of the students' energy bodies and simultaneously to calibrate the chakras for clairvoyant sight. The students will also be given step by step techniques to practice everyday.

Which class should I take?

Both Arhatic Yoga® and Higher Clairvoyance® complement each other. All of Master Choa's classes work together to empower the overall spiritual experience.



Class Description

What is Kriyashakti®?

Kriya$hakti® is a Sanskrit word which means "using the power of thought to manifest things in the physical plane". We are the sum total of our previous decisions and actions. These include our thoughts and emotions. Kriya$hakti® trains you how to actively create thoughts and emotions that are conducive to attracting prosperity and abundance. Kriya$hakti® also mean "materialization through purification". Kriya$hakti® also trains you how to avoid creating negative thoughts and conditions that manifest hardships and disasters. You will also learn how to use energy and willpower to destroy hindering thoughtforms and beliefs.

Is Kriya$hakti® just visualization and affirmations?

Absolutely not! If these are the only requirements then everyone who can talk and visualize should have anything they want. Kriya$hakti® goes beyond by sharing ancient secret formulas for precipitating thoughts into physical reality. This includes never before revealed "mudras" (hand positions) and Eye Positions to accelerate the manifestation of your goals and aspirations. Kriya$hakti® also teaches the Science of Entitlement. This powerful technique allows you to create the conditions that karmically entitle you to have your wishes fulfilled.

I have a college degree and work very hard. Shouldn't that guarantee a life of financial success?

Many work hard all their lives and end up with nothing and just depend on "social insecurity". Yet, there are ones who seem to have money and opportunities fall on their lap. Kriya$hakti® gives you the exact formula to create financial abundance by actively Creating Good Luck & Intelligent Work.

I feel guilty about making money and being successful.

Money is simply a tool. Just as a pen could write love letters and sign billion dollar contracts it can also sign death warrants and finalize divorce settlements. Money and resources can be used constructively to help solve the world's problems. It can be used to give our children a good education and good living conditions. Money can also be donated to charitable organizations to assist poverty and disease stricken areas. We believe that the proper amount of resources allows us the freedom to have time to meditate and serve humanity. GrandMaster Choa always says that "it is difficult to serve on an empty stomach".

Most of the powerful spiritual organizations have millions of dollars at their disposal to print spiritual books, advertize and hold gigantic meetings to quickly spread their message. Money and money equivalents can definitely be useful tools for furthering spiritual purposes.

What is the benefit of attending both Kriya$hakti® and Pranic Feng Shui®?

These two courses are designed to work together to create an Inner as well as Outer Environment that will help you to quickly manifest your goals and wishes.


Pranic Feng Shui®

Class Description

What is Feng Shui?

"Feng Shui", pronounced as feng shway, are Chinese words for Wind and Water. These two elements characterize the fluidic properties of Prana or Energy. Feng Shui is a school of thought that teaches one how to create the positive energetic environment to help the inhabitants increase their chances of being successful in their relationships, finances, spiritual life as well their physical health.

How is Pranic Feng Shui® different from all the feng shui books and courses out there?

In addition to direct knowledge imparted by his Inner Teacher, Mei Ling, GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui has enlisted the help of countless clairvoyants to meticulously dissect and experiment with the principles of traditional feng shui. To his amazement alot of the information was mostly based on outdated traditions and superstitions that have no way of validating efficacy. Anyone who has played the game "telephone" has experienced the distortion that happens when information is passed on from one person to the next. China has a 5000 year history, do you think that there is a possibility of some teacher/feng shui master adding his/her own two cents into the pot of information?!

GrandMaster Choa will simply give you the distilled and validated information on a golden platter. All you have to do is take the information home and start making powerful changes the same day!

Don't my Feng Shui arrangements depend on my birthday?

Feng Shui deals with energy. Solar energy, nuclear power, magnetism, electricity and other forms of energy do not have any bearing on one's birthday. It doesn't matter when you are born if you put your finger in an electrical socket you will get electrocuted! Pranic Feng Shui® teaches you the properties of the different kinds of energies coming from different directions & places and how you can harness them for your success.

Why should I learn Pranic Feng Shui®?

We are living beings with living energy fields. Just as the quality of water is important to the life of the fish in an aquarium, the energetic environment around us is critical to one's physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health. One should be able to harness good "Feng Shui" in the workplace for productivity and success, scholastic success in the children's library and immeasurable love and bliss in the bedroom!

What is the benefit of attending both Kriya$hakti® and Pranic Feng Shui®?

These two courses are designed to work together to create an Inner as well as Outer Environment that will help you to quickly manifest your goals and wishes.


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